25 Dec The 1 Reason 2019 will be Larche’s best year yet.

This year at Larche, we thought we’d put together “the 12 days of Larche” (like the song), with posts about different holiday events and thoughts, leading up to a final post from our CEO on Christmas Day.


Christmas Day is finally here, and with it the end of our 12 Days of Larche blog series. Here is a special post from our President: Paul Larche




make or become different.

In 2018 there was more change at Larche than any other year, and it has laid the foundation for our most successful year yet in 2019.




A huge part of the Larche journey this year was moving to our new office. We very carefully designed a space that suited our current (and future) needs, with everything from studio space to how sound travels – accounted for. At the beginning of March, the team was finally able to relocate to our beautiful new space, and we’ve been evolving ever since.

This move served as the catalyst for our big 2018 changes – as it signified a willingness to make change for the better, and to try new things. Since then, we’ve rearranged our layout (more than once) to optimize our teams, built and rebuilt a studio space, and added plenty of small items for our team members to use – like creative boards and editing suites. The change of locale was the first in many fresh starts for Larche in 2018.




Our group at Larche has always operated on a “people like us” mentality for growth – and we found quite a few this year. The numbers don’t lie – our team grew by over 400% this year, adding 9 new staff members in many positions. This has enabled us to reach new heights and attack projects with a new sense of perspective and urgency. All hands on deck now means serious business!

Allowing our team to grow and change has been a vital part of 2018’s massive changes for Larche. We added 3 new designers to our creative team in Alec, Mika and Brie. Combined with our Creative Director – Karen, we now have a creative unit to push ahead and design through all obstacles.

Joining our team was also Patrick & Mandy, who now form our strategy department. This was a much needed addition to our process, as it allows us to serve our clients in ways we simply couldn’t in-house beforehand.

On a management and operates side, we’ve welcomed Jacob, Georgia & Amanda to our team in order to really flesh out our processes, and give room to breathe and explore within projects for each team.

On top of all of this, Brad joined us as a new developer, Chris joined us as a videographer, and Marilyn as our Accounting specialist.

There’s a lot to digest here but the point is simple – our team has grown with our ambition and our strength. We now have the ability to take on much larger and complex project scopes and client asks based on the fact that we have the right man or woman for each job.




Like many agencies and companies in general, we put our clients before ourselves. In the long run this can mean stagnant growth for many companies, and using our new location and team as a catalyst – we took the time to look at ourselves as a brand. This meant a full suite of new options: new website, business cards, branding look, signs, marketing, social pushes – the whole nine yards.

These served as the final pieces to the puzzle, combining a new workspace and team with a brand new look and feel to push forward into 2019 as the “new & improved” Larche.


The Future


If 2018 brought change, 2019 will bring results. Everything has come together – now we get to work.