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The Larche Branding System

At Larche we take branding seriously – it’s part of everything we do, but sometimes businesses don’t truly understand the value of their brand. They don’t know how to leverage their brand, and that’s where we come in.

Using our “P6 Branding Framework” we can identify, isolate and amplify specific areas of your brand to make sure it gets attention in all the right places. We’ll teach you how to truly embrace your brand from the inside out, and use it to elevate your business.

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Our Process 1


Most mission/vision statements are often filled with hyperbole and clichés that are rarely unique, motivating or memorable. Your company and employees should feel that they are contributing to something that will make a genuine and positive difference in the lives of their customers, colleagues and community. A clear core Purpose becomes your North Star in all you do. Purpose equals power for brands.

Our Process 2


Principles are the pillars your brand stands on. They’re the values your organization stands for and will not compromise on. Principles bring authenticity, honesty and integrity to your brand. Customers gravitate to brands that have similar values to their own. Nothing can sink a brand quicker than being perceived as inauthentic or phoney. 

Our Process 3


Brands can’t be all things to all people. This is one of the most common mistakes we encounter with organizations in their branding. A Persona is the concise definition and description of your target customer, and you must know them intimately. Only when you have a clear understanding of your Persona can you then craft a compelling Brand Promise.

Our Process 4


Strong brands make one credible, relevant, and distinctive Promise – your unique value proposition. It answers the question “why you, over them?” Your Promise must be extremely well thought out – because it doesn’t change. All of your messaging will tie back to the Promise as a pledge you make to your target Persona. The best Brand Promises are simple and often can fit into one sentence.

Our Process 5


Positioning is the “art” of making your brand occupy a distinct position, relative to your competitors, in the minds of customers. It is how your brand is perceived in the context of alternatives, consciously and unconsciously. Humans are driven by emotion. In branding, you must understand that there is something deeper going on at a subconscious level – and that’s where Positioning comes in.

Our Process 6


Personality is your integrated and cohesive brand identity and communication platform. It includes all customer touch-points – including logo, colour pallet, typefaces, décor, slogans, online and social presence and more. It’s how you communicate your Brand to the world. Strong brands are disciplined in how they let the world experience them.