Design Services

thinking made visual.

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Pretty meets purposeful.

Our designs may take many forms – classical, modern, stylish – but they all share the same Larche DNA; an unwavering commitment to quality and delight. We go the extra mile to make sure our work is unique and handcrafted to suit your exact needs, without compromise.

From packaging to brand assets to your logo – design drives your business forward. Our creative team specializes in bringing concepts from the sketchbook to the store shelves, involving you every step of the way.

Let's get started

Person drawing logos in a sketchbook


From napkins to billboards, our designers create your logo from the ground up, with concept development and reviews before a finalized logo is developed.

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With a great brand – comes great collateral. We work with you to design signage, business cards and anything you can think of to fully represent your brand.

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Packaging can make or break your product. Our creative team designs packaging that distills the essence of your product & brand, to maximize customer interest.

We’ll just leave these here.

Assortment of Fresh Spoke branding options featuring sketches, magazine, and card mockups
Sketchbook of Pacha Mama logo designs
Assortment of iCAN branding options featuring sketches, logos, and business card mockups