Branding & Identity

Branding is so much more than just a logo. It’s about training consumers how to think about you: literally wiring their brains to connect your company with a specific set of thoughts and feelings. It ain’t brain surgery, but it’s close-ish.

Finding your niche.

A strong brand occupies a distinct and recognizable space in the consumer landscape. We start with a comprehensive audit including stakeholder, competitor and consumer research to map out the existing terrain. Knowing where your competitors are – and where they aren’t – lets us develop the positioning and market strategy that fits you best.

Crafting your identity.

Your visual identity needs to be distinct and memorable enough that customers can quickly and easily associate it with your brand. We will provide you with a visual toolkit, and the detailed guidelines that outline how to use it: from photography and/or illustration styles to typography and colours.

More than a logo.

Every single interaction a customer has with your company and/or product contributes to their interpretation of your brand. We can develop key messaging, and define a consistent tone of voice to ensure your brand is expressed consistently at every touchpoint.

Growing with My Good Green

We dug deep to help beginners and seasoned green thumbs learn to Love Their Dirt.

Time to refresh?

Whether in response to a change in service offerings or to maintain relevance with current trends, a brand refresh can help augment a company’s ability to reflect the current marketplace, transform brand perception, and withstand audience/market evolution.

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